We accept that we don’t do a lot of things but the few we do, we do exceptionally well. Here you will find details about our 3 key service areas:

Business Intelligence

1. Data Warehouse (DW)
Having your data in one central place is no longer impossibility but a common practice in today’s business. Businesses are already waking up to the power of data warehousing. With a DW, you have a single version of the truth of your data at all times.
We develop extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) processes that ensure your data arrive in your data warehouse correctly from virtually any data source from any location.

2. Reporting and Data Analysis
With our expertise with various industry tools, we present and interpret your data to you in such a way that allows for easy decision making, clarity and further data analysis. So whether you already have a data store or are relying on us to bring your data together, you can be sure that your data our business.

Data Management

1. Data Migration

2. Data Cleansing

3. Data Transformation

BI Consulting

From advisory and technical knowledge to management expertise, we provide professional services on how to achieve your IT/BI strategy.

1. Project Management
We bring our experience and BI expertise to your organisation to ensure a successful end to end project delivery

2. Business Process Management